Pet Chicken "Larcia"!!

It's a story on a little special chicken
a female gamecock "Larcia".

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It's Me Jsut Born

It's me. Just came out of an egg. Any trace? A look in my eyes is similar, I thinkEEE
I was together with people at the time of the birth. Master was here,too, taking this pic.
Birds take what they see first as their parent. Therefore I sometimes think Master is my parent.

Nine Brothers And Sisters We Were

I was born in August, 2010. We were nine brothers and sisters.
This gamecock has three kinds, white, black and gray which is called blue, too. I'm a blue.
There were three chicks in each colour. My mother did a good job, didn' she?

Played Often With Brothers and Sisters

We've been playing together in this big garden. Our parents taught us how to find and take foodsB
One brother. however, died of an illness, and the next one was killed by a cat.
After growing up, we live separately and have few contact. A bit sad , isn't it?


sChicken Brothers and Sinsterst
When they are chicks, chicken brothers and sisters go together. They are mostly together with the mother being fed by her and learn finding foods, sunbathing and dust bathing etc.

After independence. however, they behave just like unrelated. And this kind of gamecocks struggles for power among cocks or hens if they live together.

And even among brothers and sisters, they pair up. It is said that there is no genetic problem up to three generations in case of pairing among related chickens.