Pet Chicken "Larcia"!!

It's a story on a little special chicken
a female gamecock "Larcia".

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I Know What "Unchi"(Droppings) Means

I know a Japanese word "Unchi". And what a toilet roll is for, as well.
If I hear "Unchi!" with a roll shown, I start to have an itch at the hip.
And I try to make droppings by all means.

Even though I tryEEE

I wasn't trained. I learned by myself by seeing Master always taking away droppings by a roll.
He noticed it, and then he started to say "Unchi!", showing a roll to me, you know.
I'm a chicken and I can't stop making droppings when I want. But I never do it in my "house".

This My Morning Routine

As the first thing in the morning, Master opens a door to a veranda for me.
I walk around for a while there, and push out all that was built up during the night.
Oh, sorry about my queer story. But it's really nice to do so the first thing in the morning.


sChickens and Droppingst
Ordinary chickens never learn where to make droppings as pet dogs and cats do.

This chicken "Larcia" is a rare one which understands it to some extent.

It is known that chickens do have learning ability, too. Since Larcia lives among people instead of in a cage, she might have learned about droppings.