Pet Chicken "Larcia"!!

It's a story on a little special chicken
a female gamecock "Larcia".

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Laying Period Makes My Crest Pink

Remember? I've ten times bigger appetite at a laying period. I forgot to tell you one more thing.
My crest becomes bigger and more pink.
Master tells me "Your are beautiful". A chicken can be beautiful, hah?

Am I Really BeautifulH

Pretending not to know what he says, I preen myself when I have time.
Looking at my preening, he repeats 'Laru-chan is really well shaped and beautiful, indeed."
I'm very glad to hear that. But am I really beautiful?

This Is My 10 Times Bigger Appetite!

I show you my ten times bigger appetite at my laying period.
This Chinese cabbage I received a while ago was as large as I am, a bit too exaggerated?
I've eaten soon the half of it with breakes, of course. Isn't that great?


sHen at Laying Periodt
At a laying period, a hen not only has a big appetite but also a bigger crest of a nice pink colour.

This change surely means an appeal to a rooster about it.

This is to lay good eggs and leave offsprings. In case of Larcia, however, without any rooster together, I feel it's useless and sorry for her.