Pet Chicken "Larcia"!!

It's a story on a little special chicken
a female gamecock "Larcia".

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My Father Felcio Had A Very Good Figure

I've been talking about myself so far. Now, I talk about my family.
My father was Felcio, officially Feliks. He's got long legs and was nicely shaped, wasn't he?
He was also living among people, and not afraid of them. He was very clever.

My Mother Was SmallEEE

My mother was Klarcia. It's a nickname and Klara was the official name. She came from Germany.
She grew up in a cage, and was not used to being with people. She ran away if they came nearer.
She was smaller than me with shorter legs, but was so tender, indeed.

In A Garden Where I Spent With Them

Unfortunately my parents worsened their cold and died this winter.
In this garden, I played around with them, my borthers and sisters.
This garden always reminds me first of my parents. It was really a good timeEEE


sChicken Parents and Childrent
In case of gamecocks of Larcia's kind, chicks up to two to three months after the birth follow always their parents, which, on the otner hand, feed and teach them how to survive.

Therefore they clearly understand by instinct the relationship of parents and children.

Afterwards, however, parents don't feed or take care of them so much, presumably in order to encourage their independence. They even throw chicks away from the nest.