Pet Chicken "Larcia"!!

It's a story on a little special chicken
a female gamecock "Larcia".

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Sunbathing Than Napping Again ww (posted on 09/04/2016)

Time flies ! Spring has come. The best time for napping, oh no, for sunbathing.
As I told you last time, I love sunbathing, and taking a nap as well.
But am a bit ashamed to show you only napping photos recently.    

Not Sunbathing But Napping (posted on 21/12/2015)

A sunny day after a long time with sunshine into the room. I started sunbathing.
I love it, you know. I've got so sleepy and started nodding in a doze.
Master laughed at me saying "You are not sunbathing but napping, Laru-chan!"    

One Leg Marching on Grass. You Know WhyH (posted on 21/10/2015)

Not a marching "One Two One Two" at the golf course, but I couldn't make"Two".
You know whyH The grass was so cold. 'Cause I was always in a floor heated room.
Master has a flat there, and we stayed overnight. How warm it was, indeed.    

Woodpecker Got a BugI (posted on 18/10/2015)

Many birds come to a forest near my house. This is a spotted woodpecker.
A cock,'cause red haired. Got a bug putting a bill into the tree. Well doneI
He is as small as a sparrow, but has got a sharp bill. A woodpecker, indeed.    

Midsummer Sunbathing with "Fur Coat"ww (posted on 08/8/2015)

Master shuts doors and blinds on hot summer days. The best way without air conditioner.
When bathing near the door on the way back from veranda after an errand, got almost dizzy.
It was 36 degrees! Well, it's too hot to sunbathe with "fur coat", isn"t it? Hahaha!    

Flight Training of Storks (posted on 25/7/2015)

"Stork chicks are training to fly." Master showed me a pic. Oh, they've done it !
There are stork nests here in Warsaw. They are 2 monts old, and better call young storks.
Just flying on the winds now, but soon they can really fly around. How nice it is !    

Many Madarin Chicks are born ! (posted on 18/5/2015)

I saw many chicks of mandarin ducks in a park!@Master happily told and showed me a pic.
How nice and cute !@They hatch much later, usually at the end of May, thoughEEE
Poland had a warm winter. That's why. I wonder how many babies are born?    

Not Old Yet At All ! (posted on 21/1/2015)

Taking pictures, Master said "You've got old with the beak wrinkled, haven't you ?"
"Oh the beak is too long, I'll cut it." Saying so. Master cut and polished my beak.
He said this time "What a nice colour! Only dirty it was." Surely I'm not old yet at all.    

My Gala Occasion ? (posted on 25/11/2014)

Winter in Warsaw is depressing. It's dark all day long without the sun coming out.
On the first sunny day in a long time, Master put a mat and box next to the sofa for me.
I got on it and started preening. "That's Larcia's Gala Occasion !" Master was also happy.    

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sLarcia's Daily Lifet
On this page, I woudl like to show Larcia's daily life as often as possible in a blog style.

Larcia is already a good memeber of our family as a pet just like a dog or a cat.

I'd be very happy if you could enjoy reading her daily life here.