Pet Chicken "Larcia"!!

It's a story on a little special chicken
a female gamecock "Larcia".

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Good Indeed At the Heater ! (posted on 18/11/2014)

Winter's comingEEEHad a warm autumn though. Getting colder and colder everyday.
I go out to the veranda sometimes, but how cold there !. 'Cause I'm always barefooted.
Good indeed at the heater, with my mirror in front and on a mat.    

A Grim Looking Young Samurai ! (posted on 14/08/2014)

"I'm gonna take a cool pic of you instead of a crone one this time."
This is the pic Master took by saying so. Oh I came out to be nice, indeed.
"You look like a grim looking young samurai, Larcia." Master was also happy with the pic.    

Very Hot, Indeed ! (posted on 12/08/2014)

As I said, I love sunbathing. If sunshine comes in, I want to do it.
When sunbathing happily the other day, I felt dizzy and giddy. Hot, indeed !
"What happened, Larcia ? You just look like a crone." Saying so, Master gave me water.    

Am I Scary ? (posted on 08/07/2014)

"Laru-chan has got two horns. How scary you are !" Master shouted looking at me.
Summer has come and I'm losing feathers for new ones, from my head as well.
They look like horns, don't they ? But am I really scary ?    

Mandarin Dusk Chicks Learned Preening (posted on 30/06/2014)

"Mandarin duck kids are preening well themselves." Master showed me a pic.
Oh yeah, they learned how to do it watching and imitating their Mom.
For us, birds, preeening ourselves means washing, you know. But how cute they are!    

Follow The Mom (posted on 17/06/2014)

Let me continue about Mandarin chicks. Master says they follow well their mom.
Here in the pic they just look like following the mom's order "Right face !", hahah.
I was also like 'em. I've grown up looking at and following what Mom was doing.    

Mandarin Babies ! (posted on 09/06/2014)

Here are chicks of mandarin ducks. Master said and showed me a photo.
How cute they are ! Just dolls ! Was I also like themEEEI wondered.
"This was you, a baby Larcia," saying so, Master showed me another pic.
(My baby photo is this ¨ "Me Just Born !")    

How Tiring A Mandarin Duck Is ! (posted on 08/06/2014)

A mandarin duck dressed up like a Kabuki actor starts losing feathers like this.
Ducks remove make-ups after breeding season, but only cocks, you know.
Human beings are opposite. We chickens, cocks or hens never change at all.

My Cool Pic of All! (posted on 29/05/2014)

Master took a photo of me a while ago, saying "It's a good natural lighiting".
A sunshine came just on my face when I was on the Master's desk.
I actually posed putting on airs a bit. How's that? I look cool, don't I?    

A Lot of Feathers Fell out (posted on 01/03/2014)

Larcia, those white ones aren't snow, but birtds' feathers fell out. Surprising!
Master shouted coming back from a walk. I know, since spring's around the corner.
It was a warm winter so far, and they are changing winter feathers fo summer ones.    

Do I Look Just A Ghost ? (posted on 01/10/2013)

Oh ! Larcia came out with only a head, just as a ghost. Fearful ! Shouted Master.
He himself took such a pic and feared it. Funny, isn't it ? I know he made a joke.
Morning sunshine came in and I went immediately there. Because I love sunshine.    

Heating Has Started Long Ago! (posted on 28/09/2013)

Already Cold in Warsaw. Heating has started already 10 days ago or so.
The heating equipement is behind me. I often take a nap on the mat in front of it.
Poland is a northern country and cold, you know. Inside the room, however, warm all the time.    

Climbing Down Nuthatch (posted on 05/09/2013)

The next one coming to the pine trees is a nuthatch, always sitting on trees upside-down.
Not only sitting but they can climb down down down...very quickly, indeed.
Master says Japanese names for a tit and nuthatch are similar. Polish names are not, you know.    

Great Tit With Yellow Belly (posted on 02/09/2013)

The next bird seen from the window is a Great Tit, always coming with mates.
Talking something among themselves, they look for foods. Very cute little birds, indeed !
They have yellow belly while Japnese ones have light brown according to Master, you know.    

Jay With Mustache (posted on 26/08/2013)

Let me continue to show you my colleague bird seen from my flat. A jay with mustache.
"The same jay like in Japan", says Master. I don't know about it since I've never been there.
He may look fierce, but is really a gentle bird. I love him.    

Larcia Has No Tail ! (posted on 22/08/2013)

Waht happened, Larcia ? You've got no tail ! Master shouted, looking at me.
You've become 3 years old yesterday. But just like a 3 months old chick. Master is worried.
Now is the changing time for seasons, and my feathers as well. I lost a little too much, though.    

A Black-Haired This Time ! (posted on 21/08/2013)

On a rainy day, though, a white-backed woodpecker was eating a cone at "the kitchen".
What ! Not a red crown but black hairs ! "This is a female bird", Master told me.
Both have mustache but different head colours. The partners, aren't they ?    

A Woodpecker's Kitchen? (posted on 19/08/2013)

A red-crowned white-backed woodpecker is always pecking something green at the same place.
Oh he brought a green pinecone and starts breaking it, and eating and eating.
This is his kitchen, a place of preparing foods !    

A Bird Just Like a Kappa! (posted on 16/08/2013)

As I said many birs are coming at the pine trees outside the bedroom, here is one.
A white-backed woodpecker with red cap. Master said "it's just like a Kappa".
You know a Kappa? An imaginary water sprite living in a river or marsh. Maybe yeahEEE    

A Lonely-Looking Chick Pigeon (posted on 14/08/2013)

Love to see outside from the bedroom window. There're big pine trees with birds.
That pigeons born at the veranda come as well, but alone recently. Oh, standing by one leg.
But looks somehow lonely. Two months oldEEit's a difficult time for them.    

Uttered Warning Cry Agains Pigeon Chicks ! (posted on 24/07/2013)

I was angry and uttered warning cry of "queeh !" against the pigeon chicks.
'Cause they stare at me breaking our rule, and move wings loudly in front of me.
So, Master chased the pigeon family away form the veranda, saying "You stayed long enough."    

Their Eye Colour Is Changing ! (posted on 08/07/2013)

Pigeon Chicks, born at the veranda of my flat, stand near me on the other side of the glass.
I don't stare at them. That's our rule. But at a glance, I found their eyes are golden !
It was brown a couple of days ago. Just like a chameleon...Isn't it?    

Chicks' Eyes Have Different Colour ! (posted on 04/07/2013)

The pigeon babys born at the veranda are already kids, and looking outside.
They've got no more a cartoon face. The eyes are now clear brown and very lovely.
Oh? Their parets have yellow eyesEE They have different colour during the childhood !    

Pigeon Chicks Are Fed by Milk! (posted on 20/06/2013)

The pigeon chicks born on a veranda of my flat are drinking milk from the parent's mouth!
Moreover, I heard not only mum but also dad pigeon can produce milk. Oh boy!
"Their milk seems similar to men's. That's why they are more and more." Master told me so.    

I Love Cherries! (posted on 17/06/2013)

The pigeons that made a nest on the veranda, had real eggs and a chick was just born.
"It's just a cartoon face!" I shouted immediately looking at the face of a newly-hatched chick.
Look at the right pic, it's my brother. We have wide open eyes and can stand from the beginning.    

I Love Cherries! (posted on 13/06/2013)

Master bought a kilogramme of cherries, and put them on a desk.
I junmped on and stole a cherry. "Oh tasty!" I love cherries, indeed.
"OK, go ahead. One kilo costs only 6 dollars anyhow. He smiled and let me eat them.    

The Egg Was Black! (posted on 19/05/2013)

The pigeons stopped hatching. Why is that?
"What? The egg has become black!" Master looked into the nest and found no white egg.
The pigeons come to the veranda once in a while but look somewhat sad, I feel.    

Pigeons Made Nest! (posted on 09/05/2013)

Recently we moved to a new flat. I found at the veranda pigeons making a nest!
They seemd to have eggs yesterday and one is sitting there all the timeEEE
"We should wait, Laru-chan." Master doesn't let me go out, and I well understand.    

I Nevwer Forget You! (posted on 06/05/2013)

Master came back from Japan to Warsaw after one month and half.
"You may have forgotten me, Laru-chan", he started to say so. That's why I went toEE
forget-me-not. He seemed to be very happy saying "It makes my heart skip a beat!"    

Sunbathing From Morning At "Main House"(posted on 17/03/2013)

Still cold but fine. Morning sunshine comes into my "Main House". So I decided to spend here.
"Where are you, Laru-chan? What! In the Main House! What happend?" Master looked in here.
Quite normal to be in my own house, isn't it? Oh, I used to spend near the window so far.    

"Strange SceneI" Master Shouted (posted on 10/03/2013)

Warsaw becomes white agian. Poland is a nothern country, isn't it?
I couldn't go out and was napping and stretching myself seeing snow, Master took a pic of me.
"Strange scene! Your relaxed mood and coldness outside don't fit!", he shouted. Do you agree?    

I Felt s Sign of SpringI(posted on 01/03/2013)

It was a dark, cloudy day in spite of March. It changed suddenly late in the afternoon.
Master let me go out to the veranda. It was not so cold with plenty of sunshine.
I felt something different in the scenery. A sigh of spring? It was so nice, indeed!


A Good Sunset it wasI(posted on 27/02/2013)

Let me talk about yesterday again. I went in soon since it was cold although it didn't look it.
But I was beside the veranda all the time. I've got my place there with mats, you see.
I enjoyed a wonderful sunset there while Master was taking pics of me.


A Warm Day, IndeedI(posted on 26/02/2013)

It was warm, indeed. The sun started to shine in the afternoon, and I went out to a veranda.
How many weeks wasn't I on a veranda? Snow there has disappeared today.
It was really nice. Very soon, however, I had pains at my feet since it was only 4 degrees outside!

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