Pet Chicken "Larcia"!!

It's a story on a little special chicken
a female gamecock "Larcia".

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My Favourate Sunbathing`What am I on?

Not only in winter but also in summer I sunbathe. I love it!
With feathers spread and hackles raised, I let sunshine come in everywhere to dry my body up.
Oh, on what? On an old power supply for PC used as a door stopper since it's heavy.

Sunbathe Sometimes Even in Winter

It was mid-winter with a temperature of minus several degrees. You can see snow, can't you?
When Master went out to the veranda with a door left open, I sneaked out and sunbathed.
"Come in, Larcia!", he shouted. Putting up with coldness from pride, I stayed there for a while.

Better Inside in a Warm Room, Of CourseI

It's better, of course, inside in a warm room.
It's very comfortable even in winter since it's kept to be warm always like 23 degrees.
And if sunshines come in there, I immediately start to feel sleepy.
You can watch video on my sunbathing here¨"Chicken Sunbathing"v


sChickens Sunbathingt
Chickens love sunbathing. Even in a cold winter, many chickens sunbathe when the sun comes out.

Sunbathing also makes their body cleaned up. It drys up their feathers and hackles. It's a good protection against moths or bacteria.

On the other hand, they hardly bathe in water.