Pet Chicken "Larcia"!!

It's a story on a little special chicken
a female gamecock "Larcia".

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I'm Not Singing but Yawning

"At attention! National anthem!" Does it look like that? Not at all. I'm yawning.
Chidken also do yawn when they become sleepy.
It was just before my napping time after lunch. My stomach was full and I was so sleepy.

Sleepy, Sleepy...Puhhah`

Look, I've got sleepy eyes, haven't I? Yawning truely passes from person to person.
If Master starts yawning, I can't control myself anymore.
I yawn, however, very quietly. I never make sounds like "Puhhah".

Just the Same as Human Beings

Oh shame! I shouldn't yawn so much like this even though without any sounds, shouldn't I?
My eyes look completely dead because of yawning.
The reason why the eyes look a bit white is that we have a second eyelid.


sChicken's Yawningt
Animals yawn, too. And not only dogs or cats but also chickens do yawn.

The reaosn why they yawn is almost the same why human beings do, i.e. opening a mouth widely and breathing deeply.

Chickens usually yawn, however, very quietly.