Pet Chicken "Larcia"!!

It's a story on a little special chicken
a female gamecock "Larcia".

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I Love Wine!

You know, I love wine. Wine smells very good!
If I see a glass full of wine, surely I come and drink it.
A little too impertinent? Since I'm a mere chicken?

It Started From This Way of Drinking

I love it from my childhood. I was drinkng from Master's finger like this at first.
Bad to my health? Master asked an expert about it, who said it's OK if I don't drink too much.
Not at all. I don't want to drink in the evening while Master doesn't drink often during the day.

The Happiest Time!

It's nice to drink wine looking around on a veranda toward evening. The happiest time of all!
You see, however, I'm not an alkochol happy. I don't like beer.
I love only wine!
You can watch a video on my wine drinking here→"A Chicken Drinks Wine"


《Chicken and Alkochol》
It seems that there is, as a matter of fact, no chicken which drinks alkochol since they have no chance.

Larcia has chances to do so since she lives together with people. And a small amount of alkochol doens't harm her health.

It is often reported that animals and birds eat fermented fruites or drink alkochol itself by choice.