Pet Chicken "Larcia"!!

It's a story on a little special chicken
a female gamecock "Larcia".

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You Know What I am DoingH

I am covered with soil, but it's not a play at all. What do you think I am doingH
It's called "dust bathing". I'm cleaning up my body. What? You think it's the other way round?
I use sand as well in order to take away moths and bacteria, wiggling the body.

I Do it in Such a Place

This is a small vegetable garden, where I have my own place for bathing.
To tell the truth, I was born in this house, and I've been bathing here from my childhood.
I can't do it in my current house since it's a flat. So, I come here once in a while.

It's Cool and Nice!

This is not only to take moths away. It's to cool the body,too.
It's so hot for us in summer since we can't take off feathers as people take off clothes.
You think we get dirty, don't you? Dust go away easily by shaking the body, you know.


sDust Bathet
It is called "sand bathe" as well. Not only chickens but other fowls like crows and even peacocks do dust bathing.

By wiggling bodies in soil or sands, they try to take moths and bacteria away.

In winter birds and fowls bathing in snow can also be seen.