Pet Chicken "Larcia"!!

It's a story on a little special chicken
a female gamecock "Larcia".

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Yakitori Barbecue-Style First

This is my proud photo. While sunbathing, I make many differrent styles.
This can be called "a Yakitori Barbecue-Style" with a stick pierced from the head to the leg.
Without feathers or plumes, I am really Yakitori. Oh, I shouldn't have said such unlucky words.

Even Leg Hackles Are StandingI

While taking a picture, Master shouted, "Even leg hackles are standing!"
Don't look only at thereI Can't he say like "You've got nice legs", orEEE
"Your long fingers are cute." I welcome such words out of his mouth.

Legs Out-StyleI

And Legs Out-Style. People make such a style quite often, for example, when they sleep.
But as I told you already, chickens don't sleep with legs stretched out.
This is my territory, and I sleep often like this when sunbathing.


sChicken's Sleeping Style with Legs Outt
As it was explained at a column on sunbathing, chickens usually don't sleep like this. It's a rare caseB

Actually when Larcia is sleeping with legs stretched out while sunbathing, she seemd to have fallen asleep.

On the other hand, Larcia never sleeps at night with this style even though she feels she is in her own territory.