Pet Chicken "Larcia"!!

It's a story on a little special chicken
a female gamecock "Larcia".

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Such a Small Egg I Lay!

I'm smaller than an ordinary chicken. So, I lay a little smaller egg.
The far left egg is of an ordinary chicken. The following two eggs are mine.
Sometimes, however, I happen to lay a miniature egg, a very, very small one.

A Record Breaking Mini-Egg!

The right three eggs are mine. The far right is really a miniature, isn't it?
The diameter is as small as a triple A battery, actually 1.7cm. And it's 2.2cm long.
Master was surprised, and told to an expert, who said, however, it's not so much surprisingEEE

There Was No YolkEEE

"Larcia, what's inside this mini-egg?" My Master asked me.
"Well, you see...I don't know." That's only what I could answer. Master boiled the egg.
"Of, the yolk is as thin as a string!" He was shouting like that.


sChicken and Mini-Eggst
Ordinary chickens lay miniature eggs, too. It is said to be more common for young chickens.

There seems to be no official record of the smallest egg. Eggs as small as a 100yen coin are often reported. Ordinary eggs' diameter is 4`5cm, while a 100yen coin has 22.6mm.

Even though Larcia lays smaller eggs, this one of 1.7cm diameter can be said "very small".