Pet Chicken "Larcia"!!

It's a story on a little special chicken
a female gamecock "Larcia".

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One Two! One Two!

This is not mine but my Master's proud photo. But it's cool, isn't it?
Don't you think it's a good marching style with a leg put up so high?
I've got a good reason for that, to tell the truth.

Minus Ten Anyhow Below CelsiusEEE

It was a nice weather with sunshines, so I went out to the veranda in high sprits...
Minus 10 it was! At first, I felt it's nothing, but soon I found the tiles were so coldI
I even felt pain in my feet. I am barefooted, as you know.

It Was a Beautiful Morning, ThoughI

The sun was shining like this. Beautiful just like a diamond, isn't it?!
You know, when it's very nice in winter, it is very cold on the contrary.
By the way, I didn't tell you yet where I am. I live in Warsaw, Poland.
You can watch my video on marching¨"Chicken's Veranda Marching"


sWinter in Warsawt
Warsaw is located rather noth, like the northern part of Sakhalin near Japan, and about 350km deep inland from sea.

Therefore it's cold in winter and it's not a rare case that the temperature goes down as low as to minus 20.

It snows as well, but usually not so much since its average annual rainfall is only one third of the one in Tokyo.