Pet Chicken "Larcia"!!

It's a story on a little special chicken
a female gamecock "Larcia".

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I am LarciaI

I am Larcia. The real name is Laura, but I am called Larcia or Laru-chan.
A chicken I am, not a common one, though. A gamecock which was made to fight.
It's a roosters' job, however, and hens don't fight. Our job is to lay and hatch eggs, you know.

I am Together with People in a House

I am not in a cage. Instead I live in a flat freely with people.
I've got my own "house"at the corner of a big salon with a nest and mats on the floor.
Mostly I spend my days around there.

Sleeping on a Desk

I have other places of my own. This is a part of my Master's desk. A PC is next to me.
I don't mind it. The world is noisy anyhow. I take a nap like this while Master is working.
What? For what is this mirror? I feel relaxed with it as if having a mate near me, as you know.

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sChicken and Mirrort
Not only chickens but also many birds seem to be relieved and relaxed with mirrors around, feeling as if they have mates.

If a mirror is put, Larcia more often comes and takes a nap near there.